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Transparency and Accountability

Our token ensures that 2% of every transaction volume goes directly to supporting ZachXBT's fight against the ongoing legal process.


Empowering ZachXBT to Protect the Crypto Community Us

ZachXBT is a passionate blockchain enthusiast dedicated to uncovering rug pulls and exposing malicious individuals within the crypto space. His tireless efforts have made a significant impact in keeping the industry safe for everyone. However, ZachXBT has recently faced legal challenges due to his work, and now he needs our support.

Stand Against Fraud: Help ZachXBT continue his fight against fraudsters and scammers who harm the integrity of the blockchain ecosystem.

Defend the Crypto Community: By donating to ZachXBT's cause, you contribute to creating a safer environment for all participants in the crypto world.

Legal Battle Support: Your contribution directly aids ZachXBT's legal defense, allowing him to continue exposing bad actors and protecting innocent individuals.

Be Part of the Solution: Together, we can make a difference by standing up against malicious individuals and safeguarding the future of blockchain technology.


Why Donate to ZachXBT's Legal Defense Fund?

Your donation to ZachXBT's legal defense fund is an investment in the future of the blockchain industry. By supporting him, you are actively contributing to the integrity and trustworthiness of the crypto space. With your help, ZachXBT can continue his crucial work in exposing fraudulent activities, protecting innocent individuals, and promoting a secure and transparent environment for everyone involved.


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